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The hub of our international outreach program is Miyako Island located south western of Okinawa, Japan. We made this small island as a research base for the following reasons.

1. Optimal location to observe marine debris originated in Southeast Asian countries before start drifting along with ocean current of the northern Pacific (Great Pacific Gayer) because many of them are reaching to the Washington coasts.
2. This small islands are surrounded by the largest coral reefs in Japan, Taiwan and China region, and we can observe environmental and metrological impact to the coral at the point-blank range from the island.
3. This island has distinctive social and geographical composition as a small island, and has extensive resources for socio-environmental study.

Miyako Island (or Miyakojima) is a small island located in Okinawa, Japan. Miyako Island is also a goldmine for research marine debris and many other environmental issues, which is why we chose the island as a case study to raise awareness of environmental issues to children and young adults worldwide. Through education, we hope to nurture younger generations to take proactive roles in finding solutions that will restore and sustain the natural beauty of the natural environment.

By compiling information on Miyako Island’s natural environment, culture, and history, we hope to illustrate how culturally rich small islands are and emphasize the importance of preserving these unique qualities. *
* Since Miyako Island Kids Net began in 2010, we have been recognized by the National Diet Library: International Library of Children's Literature of Japan. Our material has also been used by school teachers in Miyako Island to begin teaching environmental studies, culture, and history of the island from elementary school.

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